Chamong Teas
About Us


Chamongs' first garden was established in Assam in 1916. The family owned, professionally managed Chamong Group is now into its 6th generation and owns four estates in Assam and thirteen in Darjeeling. Collectively, the group is the largest producer of organic Darjeeling and Assam teas, both in terms of quantity and quality.

Chamongs' state-of-the-art modernizations, its vast infrastructure and insistence on flexibility and innovation has given it a competitive edge over others. A new fully automatic blending and packaging unit has recently been commissioned in Kolkata for hygienically blending and packing teas in keeping with the EU regulations and HACCP standards. We export to most of the major tea consuming countries in Europe as well as UK, Japan, USA and the Middle East.

The total tea production of the Chamong Group today is about 3000 M.T. annually. The group employs about 10000 personnel of which approximately 7000 are women.


Our Estates and Production

Estate NameRegionProduction (kgs)Area (hectares)Elevation (Feet)Organic Status
PussimbingDarjeeling 90000 80 5000 100% Organic
Chamong Darjeeling75000 138 4500 100% Organic
Tumsong Darjeeling65000 113 4000 100% Organic
Lingia Darjeeling75000 138 4000 100% Organic
Nagri Farm Darjeeling190000 184 4000 100% Organic
BannockburnDarjeeling 75000 134 4500 100% Organic
Dhajea Darjeeling95000 143 3500 100% Organic
Shree DwarikaDarjeeling 65000 197 4000 100% Organic
Ging Darjeeling140000 206 4000 100% Organic
Soom Darjeeling170000 142 4000 100% Organic
PhoobseringDarjeeling 130000 80 4000 100% Organic
Tukdah Darjeeling210000 144 4500 100% Organic
MarybongDarjeeling 170000 128 4500 100% Organic
Maud / SewpurAssam 600000 155 200 100% Organic
Bherjan Assam50000 197 200 100% Organic
Sankar Assam800000 200 200 Conventional
Tonganagoan Assam600000 380 200 100% Organic


In tune with nature

Our eco-system is fast-approaching a state of crisis as a result of the rapid—and unthinking—progress and development since the Industrial Revolution. Conscientious corporate citizens must act now to restore Earth’s balance before we reach the point of no return and our world can no longer sustain our biodiversity.

At Chamong, we recognize our responsibilities to Mother Earth and are willing to do our best to keep our environment healthy. The Group’s commitment to environmental issues is reflected in the number of Group’s gardens that have been—or are in the process of being—converted to the Bio-Organic method of cultivation.

This policy has enabled us to offer our buyers the best flavory certified Bio-Organic teas, both from Darjeeling and Assam as per EU Regulations, (together with Fair Trade Registered Teas (FLO) from both districts). More importantly, our conversion to organic production has provided a healthier working and living environment in our gardens and surrounding areas.

Primary among other conservation projects in our Darjeeling estates is the tapping and harnessing of natural water resources to produce hydroelectric power. We also provide liquid petroleum gas (LPG) to our tea-estate workers, making their traditional wood fires redundant. This helps prevent deforestation and saves our precious forest cover, averting soil erosion and conserving the natural habitat of our rare wildlife and plant species.


Taking care of our own

Most of the Chamongs' work force is local to the areas where the gardens are located. By giving many families the security of a regular income, the Chamong Group has helped raising the socio-economic standards of the local population.

Education, social security and workers welfare have always been given high priority in all our gardens. Our workers have all the statutory benefits such as free housing, ration, medical and maternity benefits. In addition, our gardens have fully equipped hospitals, primary schools for workers’ children and places of worship for various religious communities.

Our policies have endowed us with a fiercely loyal work force that has become the backbone of the group, supporting us as we go from strength to strength.


Quality Control

The Switzerland based Institut Fur Marktokologie. (IMO), is the inspection and certifying agency for the group. We are certified for USDA, EU, JAS and NPOP. All our tea garden factories have been inspected by SGS India, for implementation and certification of HACCP standards (SQF 2000cm). Six Darjeeling estates and the Assam Organic Estates are already certified under this scheme, whilst the remaining gardens are under the process of certification.

Our firmness on stringent quality control has ensured a track record of consistency and has earned us the goodwill of our buyers. Today, we export 75% of our quantity of tea on forward contracts.