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Darjeeling Organic Summer Tea

Darjeeling Summer Organic Tea

Size: 4"x3"

Contains 2gms (+/-5%) of whole leaf

Makes 8oz of tea.
Makes great ice tea.

Additional Information

From May onwards the famed Darjeeling "Summer" teas are produced. The succulent leaves result in a very attractive tea with a purplish bloom and a sprinkling of silver tips (buds). The liquor and taste characteristics show a change, tasting round, mellow, mature, and also having a hint of muscatel flavor and more color in the cup than in spring. This tea during this period has an infused leaf which turns a bright copper/purple color, expressing a rich and full bodied aroma.

Our 4"x3" tea bag is made with biodegradable food grade nylon which is easy on environment and gives you the best flavors possible.